Bringing our expertise and over 60 years of experience

to help you create long-term, sustainable value and accelerate your growth.

Using profound expertise and industry know-how, we enable positive and sustainable change by helping businesses thrive in a fast-changing environment, navigate the new normal and better respond to their most complex challenges.


  • Using our consistent customer experience strategic and systematic approach, we help businesses & governments set-up a value-driven customer experience (CX) and citizen experience ecosystem that differentiates them from their competition and helps them achieve their strategic vision.

  • We bring our expertise and years of experience to help you setup an optimal lead generation strategy using a guaranteed systematic & targeted approach enabling you to reach a new level of sales efficiency resulting in long-lasting customer relationships.

  • We use a solid sales enablement process combined with the right technology tools to help you setup and execute your master sales and marketing enablement framework to empower your customer-facing teams, transform your buyers’ experience and analyze the performance of your sales conversations.

  • With exemplary and disciplined services that gained the trust of multinationals and business organizations, we provide risk assessment and internal audit advisory to help organizations meet their objectives. Our expert opinion helps companies to assess risks and provides an insightful overview on the effectiveness of internal controls.


  • We leverage our years of experience and global supply network to offer tailor-made and market-specific strategic sourcing and supply chain solutions that power enterprise value. Using our intelligent and agile practices, and our market outlook, price and supplier benchmarking, and sourcing and supply chain operation advisory and management expertise, to help you streamline your operation, reduce procurement and supply costs and increase revenue.

  • With our proven execution and management model and years of experience, we use a systematic and proactive approach to help you develop comprehensive human resources & organization development systems to achieve business targets and guarantee sustainable growth.

  • Through our diversified portfolio of global events and exhibitions and our years of experience, we provide specialist exhibition consultancy services to help you effectively plan and execute your annual exhibition programs using a systematic process guaranteed to achieve successful participation across different industries and geographical locations.

  • We work with companies from across industries to help them embed sustainability as a strategic priority in their core business, develop its governance structure, as well as define their sustainability objectives enabling them to create and implement their strategies, and report on their implementation in alignment with GRI standards.

  • We use international standards and guidelines, as well as our tailor made approach to assess, benchmark, identify and implement sustainable business practices and process improvement to help you achieve organizational excellence and long-term success. From setting the grounds all the way through implementation, certification and accreditation, we help you complete your mission in line with your requirements.

  • With our data-driven approach and years of experience, we help you setup the optimal technology infrastructure and automate your operation to accelerate your growth and realize your full productivity potential. Our dynamic framework and rapid-response team enables organizations to streamline their operations and make intelligent decisions based on the right digital strategy and big data practices.

  • With our trusted insurance and risk management expertise, and our wealth of consulting and execution experience, we help you identify potential threats to your business and accordingly put in place your specialty insurance plan to help you source the optimal coverage to mitigate your risks and preserve the health and safety of your employees, your property and your business continuity.

  • Using a technology-driven approach and years of consultancy and experience, we work with you to understand your vision and goals and translate them into a technology roadmap that transforms your business and enables your growth. Whether you are looking to audit or setup your infrastructure, upgrade your security or design your CCTV, we offer a full range of IT services that include awareness programs and quality management certification preparation.

INDEVCO Consultancy Operational Excellence Academy

Our main purpose is to help individuals and organizations succeed in today's demanding market by offering them a comprehensive range of leadership and technical training programs and workshops.


  • A Holistic Approach

    A Holistic Approach

  • Strong Track Record in Industrial Excellence

    Strong Track Record in Industrial Excellence

  • Deep Manufacturing Knowledge

    Deep Manufacturing Knowledge

  • Talented Team with Strong Credentials

    Talented Team with Strong Credentials

  • Long Term Engagement

    Long Term Engagement

  • Effective Investment

    Effective Investment

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