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Our vision is to become a leading consulting company in the region, empowering our clients to overcome their challenges and capture their most rewarding opportunities, while offering them world-class customer-centric services.

Carrying a six-decade heritage of diversified manufacturing and industrial consultancy services

In this new era of disruption, companies need rapid response and game-changing advice from experienced partners who help them navigate the new normal and guide their way to success. In partnering with you, we help you solve your most complex challenges and capture your greatest opportunities in a way that enables you to spur growth, value creation, and operational excellence.


We leverage our expertise across the manufacturing industry, our extensive B2B and B2C business experience, our global market exposure, as well as our proven and guaranteed industry best practices and tools to offer a set of comprehensive advisory and execution services spanning across multiple industries, to help organizations in the private and public sectors identify growth opportunities.

Our services include Customer Experience & Retention Strategies, Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition Programs, Marketing & Sales Enablement, Risk Assessment & Internal Audit Advisory, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Optimization, People Strategy & Organization Development, Exhibition Strategy & Management, Sustainability Strategy & Governance, Business Process Improvement & Excellence, Information Systems & Business Intelligence, Insurance & Safety Risk Management and IT Solutions & Consultancy.


Our result-driven approach addresses your challenges and empowers you to adapt to this emerging new world and rise stronger from crisis in order to further deliver customer value, achieve high performance, stand out, and stay ahead of your competition.

Our Drive…Accelerating Your Success

Using our profound expertise and industry know-how, we enable positive and sustainable change by helping businesses thrive in a fast-changing environment, navigate the new normal and better respond to their most complex challenges.

Relying on strong principles, business ethics, and deep care for our communities and the environment

At the heart of INDEVCO Consultancy culture, these are the 5 principles that underpin the way we do business:

  • Integrity

    We work with the highest degree of objectivity, independent thinking, and confidentiality. We nurture a fair, honest, ethical, and transparent relationship with our clients.
  • Customer Centricity

    We develop a caring business relationship with our clients and treat them as our partners. We measure success by the strength of the endurable relationship we share with them.
  • Agility

    We operate in a can-do culture and work at the speed of change to offer our clients timely and efficient support.
  • Collaboration

    We believe that working altogether and sharing knowledge is a driving force to achieve client goals. We guide our relationships, both with clients and internally, with a high degree of team spirit.
  • Excellence

    We are committed to the quality of our deliverables and are accountable for delivering tangible results. We invest in our employees and enable continuous learning in order to follow the best management practices.

Our Difference

  • A Holistic Approach

    Holistic solution with direct impact on clients’ overall performance

  • Strong Track Record in Industrial Excellence

    Over 60 years of industrial and operational experience

    Experience in companies turnaround regionally and internationally

  • Deep Manufacturing Knowledge

    Deep industry knowledge complementing the functional expertise

    Common rotations within the group allowing to build regional and multi-functional knowledge

  • Talented Team with Strong Credentials

    Team with relevant expertise and strong credentials

    Agile services and solutions providing fast access to resources and capabilities

  • Long-Term Engagement

    Long-term engagement with customers beyond the single project scope

    Close follow-up on results achievement beyond project execution

  • Effective Investment

    Competitive service offering leading to high value for money

Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility

In line with INDEVCO Group’s clear focus on sustainability, we are committed to providing meaningful, value-added services that help other companies make a difference, reduce their environmental negative impacts and address the needs of their communities.

Read More About INDEVCO Group Sustainability Initiatives >

Quality Policy

INDEVCO Consultancy provides specialized consulting services to clients, through a large network of consultants and technical advisors.

We offer a set of comprehensive services spanning across multiple disciplines and industries, to guide clients to achieve internal business organization and identify growth opportunities.

Our services include Customer Experience & Retention Strategies, Information Systems & Business Intelligence, Insurance & Safety Risk Management, IT Solutions & Consultancy, Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition Programs, Marketing & Sales Enablement, Business Process Improvement & Excellence, People Strategy & Organization Development, Risk Assessment & Internal Audit Advisory, Exhibition Strategy & Management, and Sustainability Strategy & Governance.

INDEVCO Consultancy believes that the services’ quality is fundamental to our clients. Accordingly, we abide by the applicable legal and other requirements for the Management System to ensure compliance as appropriate.

INDEVCO Consultancy has set the following commitments:

  • Establish, execute, maintain and improve the Quality Management System of INDEVCO Consultancy units
    within the set framework of ISO 9001.
  • Ensure customer focus through all our actions – that are customer centric – by providing quality services that
    meet clients’ expectations.
  • Set objectives and targets to monitor and control service quality, risks and opportunities and take corrective
    actions when needed.
  • Create quality awareness by developing the required level of knowledge and skills to all employees through
    competence assessment and provision of trainings and internal communication.
  • Innovate solutions that ensure continual improvement being a strategic initiative for sustainability.
  • Collaborate mutually with service providers and suppliers since they are our partners in growth.

This policy is communicated through appropriate methods to all interested parties and is reviewed on timely
basis for continual suitability.

Our Leadership Team

Our network of consultants will guide your way to success serving public and private clients and spanning multiple industries.

  • Wissam Moubarak

    Vice President, INDEVCO Consultancy

  • Solange Taoukjian

    Principal, Marketing

  • Maya Khalifeh

    Principal, Sales

  • Our Subject Matter Experts

  • Antoine Harb

    Senior Director, Information Systems & Business Intelligence

  • Bassem Karam

    Senior Director, People Strategy & Organization Development

  • Chadi Khadij

    Senior Manager, IT Solutions & Consultancy

  • Emile Georgi

    Manager, Quality Management & Business Intelligence

  • Gacia Apikian

    Manager, Sustainability Strategy & Governance

  • Maya Khalifeh

    Principal, Customer Experience & Retention Strategies

  • Nicole Jabre

    Manager, Exhibition Strategy & Management

  • Pierre Akl

    Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Optimization

  • Solange Taoukjian

    Principal, Marketing & Sales Enablement

  • Taline Arakelian

    Associate, Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition Programs

  • Toufic Soueiti

    Senior Director, Insurance & Safety Risk Management

  • Wael Daher

    Senior Director, Risk Assessment & Internal Audit Advisory

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