5 Pillars for Building Successful Exhibitions

In order to attain a successful exhibition, organizations must involve vital components for a strategic participation from the ground up. This includes understanding the exhibition’s profile, your participation objectives and communication strategy, performing rigorous planning and evaluating your overall exhibition presence in a holistic way.

Today, INDEVCO Consultancy emphasizes the importance of robust strategic planning and recommends looking at the 5 pillars and analyzing them, to help businesses build a winning exhibition strategy:

Select Target Exhibition & Understand Target Audience
It all starts with the basics. What is the exhibition profile and demographics? What is your target audience? What are your audience expectations? Are you looking to attract new customers and qualified prospects or engage with your existing clients?

Identify Measurable Exhibition Objectives
It continues with setting the quantitative and qualitative goals. What exhibition objectives do you want to attain? What is the experience you want your audience to live? What are your exhibition KPIs? What tools and resources will you need to achieve these KPIs?

Craft a Solid Exhibition Communication Strategy
It goes on with the communication messaging. Is it in line with your annual marketing plan? What is your participation concept and theme? What messages do you want to convey? What image do you want to show? What are your branding messages? How do you want to engage with your audience?

Scrutinize Exhibition Planning
It carries on with extensive and deep planning. Who are the exhibition stakeholders and the decision-makers? What is the estimated budget? How to manage constraints and how to implement efficient problem-solving to ensure a smooth process?

Evaluate Performance
It all ends with measuring your set objectives. Was this exhibition successful based on the pre-determined KPIs? What can you improve?

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