5 Trends Transforming the Information Technology Industry

Like all industries, the technology industry has gone through a significant number of changes for the past years, some of them were meant to stay and develop, and some others have just vanished and were nearly unnoticed.

Let’s look at 5 trends that can empower technology leaders and are likely to transform businesses:

Big Data: allows organizations to process a big amount of omnichannel data and enables them to better analyze information and make more accurate and agile executive decisions.

Automation: enables organizations to reach their goals efficiently and at a faster pace.

Internet Of Things (IoT): IoT is no longer a nice to have but organizations need to pay a significant amount of attention to it as it will help them optimize and automate services like never before.

Artificial Intelligence: drives organizational innovation and automation enabling machines to perform intelligent tasks and behaviors.

Cyber Security: enables organizations to detect potential threats and data risks and accordingly setup action plans to manage and mitigate the risks.

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