5 Truths About Project Management

The need to continuously succeed in managing projects in these challenging times drives organizations to focus on project management practices to higher their success rate, get the most of stakeholders and ensure high rates of customer satisfaction.

Today, as more companies embrace a project-based approach to achieve their set strategic goals, project management is becoming more crucial to guarantee organization success, and so is understanding some truth about project management that will help wipe away myths and false assumptions.
Here are 5 truths about project management you need to know:

  1. People over processes: while methodologies are important and they constitute an essential part of project management, it is still more important to streamline people and instill a collaborative approach that is governed by a communication strategy that plays an essential role in guaranteeing project success.

  2. Problems are to be mitigated: instead of dealing with problems as they arise, it is advisable to go with a proactive management approach that will calculate and mitigate potential risks before they occur and accordingly create the right contingency planning to avoid falling into the issues.

  3. Quality over speed: running an “on-time” project seems to be key in addressing project management, however, delivering value is more important for the customer when quality is at stake. It is more suitable to manage frustration during the project implementation than to deliver an unsatisfying customer experience.

  4. Automation is a necessity: project management tools and softwares can make a lot of a difference especially when automation helps accelerate workflows while the team can have enough time to focus on delivering excellence.

  5. Data is key: when managing multiple projects of a variety of types and sizes, data is essential to create daily actionable plans from insights generated. Data is king when it comes to setting overall business intelligence and helping make better informed decisions.

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