6 Things to do to Turn your Website into a Lead Generation Mechanism

Your website is an essential lead generation tool to create growth for your business. If optimized properly, you will be able to attract leads that can turn into potential prospects and customers.

Optimizing your website for lead generation is simple but requires few hacks worth trying.

1- Drive traffic to your website
Setup your marketing efforts in a way to drive traffic to your website. Whether through your email marketing, social media, or blog plosts, always make sure visitors land on your website.

2- Direct your traffic to focused landing pages
With all the efforts you do to generate traffic, you need to make sure that your visitors land on a targeted web page where they can access information and call out for more or even place requests. Make sure your landing pages are targeted for your audience and buyer persona.

3- Optimize your website for conversions
Even if your website generates a lot of traffic, you will need to channel this traffic and convert it into actual data that you can act upon. For this, you will need to setup the proper conversion flow on your site, and make sure it is well tested and makes sense for visitors.

4- Continuously generate content
Enriching your website with new content is an ongoing process that will help you attract more leads. As you create valuable content, you will send the trust signals to your visitors and they will be more likely to make contact you or request your products and services.

5- Track your visitors
Use Google Analytics or similar tools to analyze and track your website traffic. You will be able to identify what sources are bringing more traffic to your site, and what content are users more interested in. This method will help you evaluate your marketing efforts and direct them to what is driving the highest percentage of conversions.

6- Engage with your visitors
Use live chat to talk to your visitors and understand their needs. You will be able to answer pre-purchase enquiries as well as facilitate the decision making process.

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