6 Ways to Tap on Millennial Talent

The need for continuous innovation in these challenging times drives organizations to focus not only on the customer experience that increases loyalty and gains new businesses but also on the employee experience throughout the whole lifecycle. Getting the most out of people and empowering them will result in greater organizational effectiveness. Equipping them with the knowledge and skills to build their talent will help you reach excellence and increase value through people.

Microsoft says 85% of jobs in the next 3 years will be transformed due to technological advancements, such as digital transformation, AI, IoT, robotics, and many more. The way businesses recruit, train, and retain employees is changing dramatically as they will need to re-organize work, redefine how people find jobs and the skills needed to accelerate in a more diverse, dynamic and interconnected business environment. The challenge will be to redefine jobs, redeploy, and upskill employees to fit the modern models of employment.

Here are 6 ways HR can tap on millennial talent:

  1. Move them around the organization quickly: millennials need a variety of experiences to be exposed to before they choose the path they want to take
  2. Create content that supports their future and purpose, allows them to learn on the job, and feeds into what they like to do
  3. Assign them to meaningful work that contributes to the bigger picture
  4. Tolerate work flexibility into your structure and creatively set working hours and leave days conditions. Look after the results and not the process
  5. Embed diversity into your culture as millennials need a variety of different perspective and a richer workforce
  6. Understand their needs and what drives them to increase their engagement and self- satisfaction

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