B2B Digital Transformation of Napco National

The year 2017-2018, Napco National B2B Solutions, the Saudi Arabian manufacturer of premium hygiene and paramedical disposables, faced a threat to its viability.  The business employed mostly manual processes.  A traditional high-cost, territorial sales structure focused individually on customers.  Scalability depended on headcount growth. Customer experience varied significantly.  Marketing served as Sales support.  Key sectors went underdeveloped.  The business more and more competed on price with limited product and value-added service innovation.  Customer turnover overwhelmed additions.  Revenue growth had stagnated.  The business needed to completely transform its business model to keep up with the accelerating pace of change in its GCC markets. 

This project began on the development of an overall Business Strategy set forth by a comprehensive assessment over six months.  Achieving the vision of this strategy would require both significant Organizational Change in parallel with a complete process and Digital Transformation of the business. 

To help achieve this vision, Napco National partnered with INDEVCO Consultancy, a management consulting firm, to help develop solutions and coordinate all efforts to execute an innovative transformation plan.   

INDEVCO Consultancy’s experts worked jointly with Napco’s team on designing and re-building B2B Solutions organization.  The Napco and INDEVCO Consultancy team created a revolutionary sales and marketing matrix structure that ensured Sectors, Products, and Customers would have appropriate focus.  In this effort, the team created innovative new marketing roles, established new functions to enhance Customer Experience, reworked job responsibilities across the organization, and realigned Performance Management with new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

INDEVCO Consultancy’s deep experience in Customer and Lead Scoring, Lead Generation and Conversion Automation, and Voice of Customer feedback execution helped the new organization create a new revolutionary B2B direct marketing system.  The implementation would provide lead nurturing, targeted customer engagement, trigger direct conversations, and feedback on customer pain points vital to the digitalization of the customer experience, all serving to drive customer retention and loyalty.

These mechanisms were woven into a Digital Transformation that electronically linked the entire Lead to Prospect to Active Customer Arc.  The rollout of this also armed Account Management with the digital tools that completed the customer engagement loop.  An entirely new business dashboard system was created and deployed. 

To enable change, INDEVCO Consultancy guided the creation of regular Business Roadshows.  These Roadshows helped to communicate the comprehensive and integrated nature of the change across five countries.  Supported by the Fact Base from the underlying strategy, these sessions and continuous follow-ups helped convert substantial organization resistance to, and fear from, change into business-wide implementation support.

INDEVCO Consultancy’s experience across wide areas of expertise played a crucial role in providing valuable innovative support across all aspects of Napco’s business transformation initiatives including to:

  • Re-design the organizational structure to better manage the implemented change
  • Create an integrated groundbreaking B2B direct marketing system
  • Build a revolutionary world-class online customer platform, coupled with a CRM system and a service support center to digitalize and add value to the customer experience
  • Set up a Performance Management and Career Development structure to enable a fully engaged workforce
  • Initiate a sector-based selling model to better service customers
  • Establish the links with the Logistics and Supply Chain to drive delivery efficiency
  • Introduce Business Intelligence to have maximum visibility of data and insights

Maya Khalifeh, Principal Sales at INDEVCO Consultancy states, “As Customer Experience is the new product and time is the new price, we believe that Napco National B2B Solutions’ Customers will greatly benefit from these initiatives and projects. We have also been instrumental in transitioning our client from the legacy traditional sales approach to a new digital innovative approach; A marketing-driven organization that works to build scalability.”

Dean DeLoe, the developer of B2B Solutions Strategy and now Vice President Napco National B2B Solutions says: “What we started a few years ago was the equivalent of setting out to land on the Moon.  We set an objective to totally revolutionize the business-to-business supply industry in the GCC.  The technology, tools, and structure did not yet exist.  The original business had still used practices from the 1970s!  Now just a few years later, change and digitization in this region compounds every year at an exponential rate, and Napco B2B Solutions is ready to lead that revolution.  We could not have accomplished this transformation without the experience, skills, and guidance from INDEVCO Consultancy.  They uniquely had the capabilities to help us realize a vision that at the time seemed unattainable.”

Using profound expertise and industry know-how, we, at INDEVCO Consultancy, enable positive and sustainable change by helping businesses thrive in a fast-changing environment, navigate the new normal and better respond to their most complex challenges.

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