Highly Effective Marketing Collateral to Boost your Sales

Along with the buyer and marketplace changes that took place over the years, marketing collateral evolved too. Marketing communications materials back then were limited to print and offline materials, and were considered more than enough to promote your company, products and services. Examples include brochures, ads in magazines, billboards, and many others.

Today, marketing collateral offers you endless possibilities, shapes and forms especially with the rise of digital marketing and the high usage and availability of smart phones. You can avail at the fingertips of your audience different types of collateral to help you create awareness, answer questions, give an idea of your offerings, and most importantly inform your leads and customers about the solutions you can offer to solve their challenges. Each piece of collateral can be customized and tailored depending on the different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Blogs: Attract a wider online audience, create an interaction between buyers and sellers, drive traffic to your website, as well as create awareness and educate readers while developing a better customer relationship.

Case Studies and Testimonials: Spread your success recipe, show how valuable your services are and your ability of offering customized solutions to real customer problems and struggles.

Landing Pages and Websites: Promote your entire business and marketing collateral materials while maintaining brand awareness and establishing an online presence.

White Papers: Present compelling and useful information to solve specific problems.

Short Videos: Captivate your audience with short, explanatory, educational and promotional video to get their attention in a visual and animated approach.

E-Corporate Brochures / E-Product Catalogs: Share and promote your company, product or service information in a simple, easy and effective way.

Newsletters: Keep your audience informed with latest happenings, developments and new product or service launch, as well as connect with them and drive traffic to your website.

Infographics: Leave a more lasting impression on your audience by promoting any piece of content in visual way, including illustrations, graph, chart, or a combination of any of those elements.

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