INDEVCO Consultancy ISBI Team Achieve Successful Integration with the Egyptian Tax Authority

Digital transformation is taking a massive scale around the world affecting not only businesses but also governments and public sectors involved in tackling societal challenges by leveraging emerging technologies and smart integrations.

We, at INDEVCO Consultancy, are proud of our Information Systems & Business Intelligence (ISBI) team who helped UNIPAKNILE Ltd, Egyptian manufacturer of industrial and agricultural corrugated packaging solutions, achieve a successful data integration with the Tax Authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance.

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Egypt’s Minister of Finance, held a press conference on Thursday July 23, 2020 where he recognized UNIPANILE and all the companies that made this digital transformation a success by enabling an automated real data exchange of all corporate invoices, credit notes and debit notes with the ministry’s data center in the aim of making tax management and declaration a transparent and professional process.

Antoine Harb, Senior Director, INDEVCO Consultancy Information Systems & Business Intelligence explains, “Using INDEVCO’s Management System (IMS), our tailor-made and secure ERP system, we were able to smoothly manage the data complexity and achieve the needed integration even before the set deadline. UNIPAKNILE is able today to run its governmental tax declaration process in a click of a button.”

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