INDEVCO Consultancy Principal Sales Member of 2022 CXPA Middle East Leadership Council

Maya Khalifeh, INDEVCO Consultancy Principal – Sales, was appointed, on 26 May 2022, member of the 2022 Customer Experience Professional Association – CXPA Middle East Leadership Council.

As a member of the CXPA Middle East Leadership Council, Maya will serve as an ambassador and representative of CXPA in the region.  She, along with the fellow Council members, will provide insight on the state of the CX community in the region as well as strategic advice to help CXPA better serve the needs of CX professionals in the region. CXPA vision is to become more accessible, relevant, and respected thanks to Maya Khalifeh’s leadership and effective collaboration between the regional council, regional stakeholders and CXPA. 

According to Nancy Porte, CXPA Board Chair, Maya Khalifeh has been selected for this role due to her CX expertise, standing in the CXPA community, personal integrity and high character, and commitment to CXPA’s core values of diversity, authenticity, and advocacy for the professional practice of customer experience management.  

Founded in 2011, CXPA  is the premier global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession. To learn more about CXPA, visit:

With a strong track record of over 60 years of industrial and operational experience, INDEVCO Consultancy works using a holistic approach to find optimal solutions to client challenges impacting directly the overall organization performance. To learn more about INDEVCO Consultancy, Customer Experience & Retention Strategies service, visit:

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