Napco collaborates with INDEVCO Consultancy to engage customers at exhibition

For the sixth year running, Napco National Packaging collaborated with INDEVCO Consultancy, showcasing its company brand and offering at one of the leading events within its industry this year. An immersive, tech-backed approach helped the packaging provider ramp up engagement with its customers.

With over 5,000 people across Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, Napco National Packaging is one of the region’s largest manufacturers of consumer and away-from-home disposables, plastic, paper, and corrugated packaging solutions. In addition, in its home market Saudi Arabia, the company specializes in industrial and commercial plastic scrap collection and recycling services.


For the company’s executives and sales teams, the annual Gulfood Manufacturing show is one of the most encircled events of the year, with the Dubai-hosted event providing Napco National Packaging the opportunity to present its products and solutions to players from across the food & beverage ecosystem. With over 1,600 exhibitors from 50+ countries, and hundreds of decision-makers from manufacturing, wholesale, retail, hospitality, and food service platforms, Gulfood Manufacturing bills itself as the largest such event in the region and among the larger on the global stage.


Working with INDEVCO Consultancy in the run-up to the November 2022 exhibition, Napco National Packaging crafted its exhibition strategy for the event, then built its marketing and communication approach around it. Building on its leading position in the market and on a customer-first approach, Napco National Packaging picked three themes that were given special focus: sustainability, the company’s state-of-the-art product development and innovation, and its customer-centric model for serving clients.


“We helped Napco National Packaging translate these themes into all marketing and communications geared at the event,” said Solange Taoukjian, leader of INDEVCO Consultancy’s Marketing & Sales practice. This ranged from offline communications such as booth designs, brochures, presentations, and in-booth material, to online communications including banners, email blasts, interactive videos, and social media campaigns.
Meanwhile, a specialist team at INDEVCO Consultancy supported Napco National Packaging’s marketing team with the public relations side of its participation. “We supported their team with building up the communications and ‘excitement’ in the run-up to the event, and with technically optimizing the online business development environment.”


An Immersive Experience
But the collaboration’s pinnacle was – in the eyes of Taoukjian – reserved for the actual show itself. “We helped them inject virtual and augmented reality into their communications, which helped them portray and create awareness around smart packaging and innovative products.”


Through innovations, Napco National Packaging helps its clients extend shelf life while ensuring shelf appeal, convenience, ease of use, and proper disposability. To bring its latest product line to life, visitors to its booth at the exhibition were provided an immersive 3D virtual reality experience, enabling them to ‘visualize’ how these innovations can offer solutions for their specific challenges.


These forms of engagement, said Taoukjian, helped customers “immerse themselves into the real experience that Napco National Packaging provides its customers.” This saw many customers leave the company’s booth in awe, and across the board, helped Napco National Packaging deliver on its 3-strategic pillars defined prior to the event (sustainability, innovative product development and customer centricity).


Customer Delight
Reflecting on the collaboration, Taoukjian said: “At INDEVCO Consultancy, our Marketing & Sales practice focuses on helping our clients build best practice commercial operations and engage their customers. We are delighted to have been able to achieve this at Napco National Packaging, and successfully continue our longstanding collaboration.”


Meanwhile, beyond its longstanding Saudi client, “we are proud to empower our customers with innovative ideas and technology trends that help them in transforming their business into one that provides a seamless customer journey – resulting in customer delight”, she concluded.

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