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How exhibition strategies build businesses of the future

In times of change and transformation that affected the world event industry, organizations are more and more turning towards exhibition professionals to help them organize their events and reduce their risk while optimizing their presence and still fueling their lead generation mechanisms.


Today, businesses need, more than ever, to rely on the right professionals to plan their physical and virtual events proactively based on the industry’s best practices and latest trends.

To adapt to situational challenges, businesses can decide to hold virtual events to complete the physical events they are participating in, without replacing the crucial face-to-face in-person events that used to be a key component of networking.


In order to grow and thrive in a global world, business professionals are looking for new opportunities through new valuable experiences to know the company and products, whether in physical or virtual exhibitions.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy Exhibition Strategy & Management

Through our diversified portfolio of global events and exhibitions that span across different industries and geographical locations, we provide specialist exhibition consultancy services to help you effectively plan and execute your annual exhibition programs using a systematic approach guaranteed to make your participation a strategic success.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy Exhibition Strategy & Management

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

From crafting your strategy, identifying the right exhibition target, to managing a turnkey project, we base our management practices on a multi-disciplinary approach bringing together a combination of industry know-how and best practices and global expertise, to help you align your exhibition with your business, sales and marketing strategy.


Whether you are in the early stage of identifying which trade show is the right target or if you have already planned exhibitions, together we can build a comprehensive integrated program designed to your requirements that meet your overall business goals.

Exhibition Strategy & Selection


We help you craft your exhibition participation strategy and develop targeted exhibition databases for your yearly, 2-year, and 3-year program by qualifying exhibition profile, audience, and exhibitors in the event to meet your objectives. To ensure tangible and continual success, we help you project and allocate budgets to effectively guide the execution phase.

Exhibition Supplier Qualification


Using our network of global 3rd party suppliers, we screen the best ones to participate in the execution of your project within the recommended quality standards and we take charge of the negotiation process with the supplier in line with your target budgets, as well as the quality control audit and measures of the output.

Communication Strategy & Measurable Objectives


From setting your overall exhibition strategy to identifying your communication concepts and messaging, we help you define your measurable objectives, both quantitative and qualitative metrics to help you set clear expectations from the exhibitions and measure performance.

Based on the set objectives, we create and execute your communication planning from messaging all the way through visuals and other communication materials needed for the success of the exhibition.

Project Execution


We advise and manage the right on-site execution process and guidelines to ensure timely deliveries and high-quality control for your project, pre, during, and post exhibitions, in addition to the on-site project execution in line with organizers and stand builders and other 3rd party suppliers.

Delegate Training & Alignment


We develop a tailor-made delegate training program for pre-show communications with clients and leads, during show on-site behavior, and post-show follow up with customers, in order to ensure your booth staff has the right mindset, capabilities and behavioral skills for the success of the exhibition.

Budget & ROI Reporting


We analyze your requirements and build comprehensive smart budgets accordingly. We take into account the entire planning process, materials and milestones in order to achieve the right expected results.

We ensure that we measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and we comply with the set objectives and budget in order to optimize your investment. Using this historic data, we recommend initiatives to address improvement areas for future exhibitions.

Lead Generation & Customer Retention


We help set processes of lead generation, customer retention, and lost customer reactivation by setting monthly ROI follow-ups with sales teams to track exhibition sales leads status and exhibition performance.

Success Story

Napco National: Anchoring Market Leadership & Brand Image in Gulfood Manufacturing Show 2015 through 2019

Napco National’s participation throughout Gulfood Manufacturing 2015 to 2019, from planning to
marketing to execution, has consolidated an overall communication strategy with consistent innovative concepts and messaging and has enabled us to strengthen a growing mutual experience with our business partners. Thank you for this major achievement!
Maher Dabbous, Vice President NFP Sales

Limited experience in exhibition participation. Focusing on a selling approach rather than promoting a partnership approach. Focusing on product-based marketing rather than sector-based marketing. Absence of a unified Napco National’s corporate and brand image.

Strengthened the sector-base selling approach & generated additional sales volumes with existing customers Established & nurtured customer relationships into growing strategic customer partnerships. Positioned Napco National as an experienced and rooted supplier with deep market and industry knowledge. Strengthened Napco National’s market leadership position in the MENA region. Positioned Napco National as an Expert Partner supporting its customers by leveraging on pioneering initiatives, such as Sustainability, Digital Transformation and Customer-Centricity initiatives. Anchored Napco National’s unified corporate brand image and position in the food and beverage sector. Elevated presence from food packaging manufacturer to thought leader and partner in the food and beverage sector.
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