Information Systems & Business Intelligence

Information Systems & Business Intelligence

Empowering your digital business

How successful organizations leverage the power of technology

Digital transformation and technology advancement are connecting businesses in so many new ways, creating opportunities to better run the operations, engage with customers and transform big data into big insights and bigger decision-making.


With so many options emerging every day in cloud computing, internet of things (IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, blockchain, predictive analyses and much more that solves businesses’ biggest challenges, how do companies across industries create winning strategies to differentiate themselves, harness their capabilities and create sustainable long-term value?


To enhance their business outcomes and accelerate results, organizations are constantly riding the disruptive wave of technology to thrive in their digital transformation efforts, achieve full automation and operational efficiencies.


The ones that are successfully adapting to this fast-changing force, are the ones looking to enhance their access to data, their customer relationships, their workforce productivity, as well as their operational efficiencies.

  • Data Access:

    technology enables access to valid and accurate data and insights at our fingertips allowing the setup of business intelligence frameworks that gather data from across the organization and help decision-makers navigate through critical information and make informed decisions.
  • Customer Relationship:

    a few years ago, customer relationship management (CRM) transformed the way businesses manage their customers. Today, an engaged relationship with customers relies on the service efficiency and the rapid-response that technology is offering, from marketing automation, virtual assistance, customer self-service, the voice of customer surveying, and other tools that capture customer behavior in order to offer the most optimal experiences.
  • Workforce Productivity and Mobility:

    businesses are investing in people management and cloud-based self-service tools to increase corporate speed and agility and allow their workforce to operate at their best, increase motivation and productivity on the go.
  • Operation Efficiencies:

    to be able to drive innovation, businesses are aligning enterprise resource planning (ERPs) with their business objectives and adopting industry-specific solutions that leverage the speed, productivity, and integration with the extensive core, operational, and specific industry functionality.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy Information Systems & Business Intelligence

Whether you are looking to manage your operational digital strategies, implement a transformative solution to automate your business, or upgrade your current infrastructure by integrating new functionality and connecting with other solutions, our experts will lead your way to success by recommending the most optimal approach based on your industry and current infrastructure.


We bring together our intensive experience to help you adopt tech solutions while setting a successful framework to leverage your big data and analytics and bring a culture of insightful decision-making to your organization.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy Information Systems & Business Intelligence

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

We bring together our intensive experience to help you adopt tech solutions while setting a successful framework to leverage your big data and analytics and bring a culture of insightful decision-making to your organization.

Digital Strategy


We help businesses shift their approach to anchor digital strategy into their business strategies by helping them understand and identify their digital transformation objectives as well as set the plan forward to achieve latest technology enablers that respond to their most critical challenges and business needs.

Application Architecture


We work closely with organizations to evaluate their information system (IS) solutions, benchmark against latest tech trends and recommend new or evolved solution designs and architectures that best help them deliver value. This includes leading potential system integrations and data audits to ensure solutions are transformed into multipurpose platforms that connect all aspects of the organization and deliver impact on productivity and cost reduction.

Solution Development & Customization


As we help businesses automate their operation, we build fit-for-purpose solutions with rapid software development support that accelerates capability building and business growth and meets business objectives. From setting and identifying requirements and translating them into end-to-end solution designs, all the way through on-the-ground implementation and customization, testing and training, and providing ongoing system administration support.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence


We help businesses leverage the power of data and intelligence by setting the right framework to manage different data sources and understand insights that strategically drive decision-making. We help integrate dashboards to collect data and generate reporting and predictive analytics as well as visually interpret results.

System Integration


Whether you acquired a new business or wish to connect multiple/heterogynous businesses among each others, we advise organizations and recommend the optimal solution to help integrate the core business, with all the processes, systems, and data available in the aim of building an efficient environment with a 360-view of information management.

Systems, Processes, & Data Audit


Using a systematic & objective approach, we examine your systems, processes, and data to determine whether activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve objectives and offer the opportunity for improvement.

Data Management


We help with the development, execution, supervision of plans, policies, programs, and practices that deliver, control, protect, and enhance the value of data and information assets throughout their lifecycles.

Success Story

Unipak Nile Case Study: Integration of Juhayna

Juhayna, Unipak Nile’s customer, requested a fully integrated approach on their ERP system (SAP) in order to have visibility on UNIPAK NILE’s shipment as they place daily requests for corrugated boxes.

Provide Unipak Nile the required data exchange platform that allows Juhayna orders to be automatically processed in its ERP system (IMS) as sales orders. Moreover, serve Juhayna by extracting and transferring Unipak Nile ’s advanced shipment notifications, allowing them to get electronically the details of each unit of goods delivered.

DS Smith Case Study: Integration with Petco

Petco places on a daily basis purchase orders toward “DS Smith” for requesting corrugated boxes to be produced and shipped. Petco also requires to have an electronic acknowledgment that its purchase orders are successfully received and processed in “DS Smith” system (IMS), as well as to have “DS Smith” invoices integrated in their accounting system.

Provide “DS Smith” the required data exchange platform that allows “Petco” orders to be automatically processed in its ERP system (IMS) as sales orders, and provides “Petco” the required electronic acknowledgment. Moreover, serve Petco by extracting and transferring, electronically, invoices back from “DS Smith” in order to import them in their accounting system without any manual data entry.

DS Smith Case Study: Supply Chain Full Visibility

DS Smith was looking to consolidate data from across its manufacturing locations, 3rd party logistics providers and Amazon / Petco growing online retail businesses to have visibility across its integrated supply chain.

Provide DS Smith the needed support to manage their remote stock at the “3rd party logistics provider” from within their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system (IMS), as well as incorporate business process transactions through exchanging electronic data. to electronically authorize the “3rd party logistics provider” to make a shipment to “Amazon/Petco”.

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