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Digital Transformation: from trend to necessity

Digital transformation was generally perceived as a rethinking and restructuring of how organizations use technologies to enhance productivity, the business performance and customer satisfaction. Keeping up with digital transformation trends was a key strategic initiative but not a foundational change that required immediate action.


Today, with the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, digital transformation has taken on new heights and is placed at the forefront to solve the emerging problems the pandemic had generated. The c-suite along with Information Technology (IT) leaders found themselves forced to co-create and reprioritize their strategic IT roadmaps and accelerate their investment in digital transformation.

Virtual interaction and contactless solutions were key answers to adopt so that organizations can solve their problems and at the same time ensure business continuity and customer satisfaction.


Other digital transformation enablers include data in large quantities and that is made accessible for top management to read and analyze through modern data platforms and business intelligence. Agility is yet another enabler that drives speed and quick business outcomes.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy IT Solutions and Consultancy

Using a technology-driven approach and years of consultancy and execution experience, we work with you to understand your vision and business goals and accordingly translate them into a detailed technology roadmap that transforms your business and enables your growth. Whether you are looking to audit or setup your infrastructure, upgrade your information security or design your Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), we offer a full range of Information Technology (IT) services that includes awareness programs, as well as IT quality management certification preparation.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy IT Solutions and Consultancy

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

Whether you are looking to digitally transform your organization to a tech-driven environment, to audit your current technology stack or to implement a new one, our vendor agnostic approach and experienced team can help you analyze your needs, put a full plan into place, design your tech stack roadmap to respond to your challenges, and deliver results bringing your roadmap to life.


From setting your IT strategy to consulting and executing your network design and infrastructure, information security plans and Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) designs, we offer the full spectrum of adaptable IT services suitable to empower your users, solve your business needs, and satisfy your customers.

Network Design and Infrastructure


We use a systematic methodology to help you audit and design your passive and active network infrastructures, setting up the roadmap to optimally implement your designs including switching, routing, SD-WAN and wireless services, as well as building the network security architecture based on the recommended defense in depth strategy. We also analyze your current network solutions and recommend the best approach to migrate to the cloud.

We also offer organizations a full security awareness program to train users on potential threats to an organization’s information and ways to avoid situations that put the data at risk.

Information Security


With a transformative IT consultancy framework, we offer a range of information security services from consulting to designing, assessing, testing, and improving the protection of networks and applications. We use a layered security approach and with people working more remotely, we added focus on the endpoint. We run social engineering assessments, manage SOC services, as well as perform penetration tests to identify potential security weaknesses and accordingly setup action plans to reduce them. With the rise of cyber-attacks, we highlight your vulnerabilities and weaknesses constantly as hackers see them and help you enhance your security posture as well as extend our monitoring to your vendors to decrease third party risk.

CCTV Design & Implementation


To successfully monitor premises, we offer reliable Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance services that allow our clients to monitor multiple locations from inside and outside the company. Based on the set requirements, we adapt our cabling diagrams, camera positioning, camera types, and other specifications in compliance with corresponding regulations, as well as integrate artificial intelligence (AI) where needed.

Certification Preparation


To help you demonstrate your ongoing commitment to exceptional IT Service Management, we offer a full spectrum of certification preparation services for ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 including consultancy, gap analysis and implementation. We help you develop your service catalog, setup your checklists, and prepare your documentation in-line with standards and best practices.

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