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How consumer behaviors impact sales & marketing

Nowadays, how buyers discover, research, and purchase any product or service is completely different than it was a few years ago. With the expansion of omnichannel, buyers are now being exposed to a multitude of tools and resources helping them throughout their purchase process and affecting their decision-making. Consequently, the whole marketplace changed, and the relationship with the sales force who struggles today to close deals and spot opportunities as never before transformed as well.


The main question remains: how to overcome these changes and challenges to attract, convert, and close deals with modern buyers?

According to Forbes: “B2B customers today progress more than 70% of the way through the decision-making process before ever engaging a sales representative”.


Businesses today should define a more agile, data-driven, timely, and systematic approach and process to adapt and meet the changing demands. A flexible sales and marketing strategy, easily modified and optimized whenever needed, allows them to set a detailed plan to reach sales enablement goals and improve performance.


Taking a targeted approach to content, allows organizations to develop, customize, and analyze content for each buyer to effectively engage and connect with prospects and customers throughout the buyer’s journey while keeping up with their changing needs and staying ahead of the competition.

Why INDEVCO Marketing & Sales Enablement?

We, at INDEVCO Consultancy, use a solid sales enablement process combined with the right technology tools to help you setup and execute your master sales and marketing enablement framework to empower your customer-facing teams, transform your buyer’s experience and analyze the performance of your sales conversations.

Why INDEVCO Marketing & Sales Enablement?

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

By assessing your marketing and sales enablement readiness and maturity, we audit your sales assets, playbooks, and tools and how well they are performing to help you better understand and define what you need to build a master framework.


We work hand-in-hand with you to solve problems that hinder your sales process by getting the most out of your marketing and sales efforts and by developing relevant materials that would guide your customers through decision-making.


To do so, we understand the gaps in your current process and focus on the entire buyer’s journey to help you develop custom tools targeted to the modern buyer’s behavior and preferences. Your sales force needs the right content to educate your qualifying leads and customers, earn their trust, keep them engaged every step of the way, and add value to their decision process.


As we help your marketing and sales teams have more meaningful and targeted conversations with your prospects, we help you create a real and measurable impact on your sales process by equipping your client-facing teams with the playbooks and tools they need to increase your conversion rates and sell more efficiently at a higher velocity.

Marketing & Sales Enablement Strategy


We advise and assist you in defining, designing, executing, and scaling your customer-centric marketing and sales enablement strategy and roadmap to provide a valuable sales experience for your leads and clients, enhance productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency which is imperative to your company’s long term success.

We create the right strategic framework and plan to ensure sales enablement can positively impact sales, marketing, and the overall business bottom-line.

Customer Touchpoints Mapping


We help you create a visual representation and comprehensive map of every experience your customers have with you and identify key steps in their journey that helps convert and nurture leads as well as close more deals.

We define and identify needed content, tools, and materials to be used across the buying cycle by getting a detailed understanding and insights on the struggles your customers might face throughout their purchase funnel and what they need in order to complete a purchase.

Marketing & Sales Content


We assist you in creating your buyers’ engagement programs by defining your buyer personas and creating targeted messaging, as well as planning and creating the needed customer-facing content as mapped in the customer touchpoint. By planning and executing your yearly communications calendar, we continually track and audit the performance of developed content and materials to identify gaps and opportunities and further optimize your customer journey.

Technology Buildout & Setup


We advise in defining your most suitable tech stack and accordingly recommend, plan, manage, configure and customize technology needs in order to facilitate and automate the sales and marketing processes, access accurate and live data, as well as generate needed insights to inform your decision-making.

Success Story

Connecting Lebanese Descendants from Around The World with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Lebanon

It is important to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. When you do great things with passion and love, you can make a big difference. I believe in you guys, it was a great pleasure to realize together our National dream that gives hope to millions and millions of our diaspora and looking for more and more.
Khalil Khalil, Chief Information Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants

Lack of tools and marketing spread in order to reach Lebanese descendants globally. Lack of awareness and information spread to promote the initiative and invite people to submit for their nationality. Lack of centralized processes to issue the needed papers. Lack of visibility and accurate tracking of official data throughout the nationality process.

A full process automation with visibility on data and business intelligence reporting. A worldwide buzz around the campaign and the initiative that led to thousands of applications online and hundreds of eligible applications. An ongoing system that will be expanded to all requests incoming from Lebanese people around the world.
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A Consolidated Single Source of Corporate Information with Napco National

Saudi Manufacturer with 14 branches spread across 3 locations having 50+ geographically dispersed sales teams selling products for the consumer and the B2B divisions. No defined omnichannel strategy to communicate with buyers having difficulty promoting a unified image for the company. Out-dated / no targeted content to use across campaigns and other initiatives.

A unified corporate image for Napco, governed by Napco’s headquarters communications team. Aligned the corporate image, concept and yearly theme with all business stakeholders. Set in place a communication system that follows the guidelines and makes it easier to generate and publish content in different formats and across different channels.
Read the full case study >

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