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People Strategy & Organization Development

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How People & Organizational strategies build businesses of the future

Outturning, unplanned and rapid change has become a daily routine to organizations of all sizes as disruption is transforming the business operations and the targeted markets they serve, affecting all industries with no exceptions. Innovation and growth are today the key to success and the distinct advantage over the competition.


To maintain the mainstream and reach the high-end of the market, businesses must address and answer 3 main questions: What will the future work environment look like? What will the skills of future employees be like? What is the work experience millennials need to thrive?

With nearly 80% of millennials looking for a people-culture organization and career potential, HR professionals find their roles evolving to address effective change management and ensure business success through people. The way businesses attract, recruit, train and retain employees is changing dramatically, creating the need to re-organize work, redefine how people find jobs and match them to required skills.


Today, to accelerate in a dynamic and interconnected business environment, businesses need to cultivate leaders and inspire matters of inclusion and diversity as essential practices to build high-performing organizations and engage motivated and productive talent.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy People Strategy & Organization development

With our proven execution and management model and years of experience, we use a systematic and proactive approach to help you develop comprehensive human resources & organization development systems to achieve business targets and guarantee sustainable growth.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy People Strategy & Organization development

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

From organization development through people nurturing and training, we bring together a combination of industry know-how, talent development, HR practices, and reward systems, coupled with insightful analytics, and technology expertise to help you align people with your business strategies.


Whether you are downsizing, upsizing, merging, acquiring or even seeking optimized organization efficiencies, together we can design your tailor-made program to respond to your most encountered people and organization related challenges. Our experts will help you improve your organization performance and unlock your people potential.

Talent Acquisition


We define your talent acquisition strategy, process and framework starting by identifying your workforce gaps and needs, analyzing and understanding their profiles through attracting, interviewing, selecting, and hiring suitable candidates with the right skills. To source professionals of all functions and match the right talent mix, we set up a winning mix of recruitment tactics and value propositions that help expand your talent sourcing pools.

To maximize the value of your investment, we help you set up a successful onboarding program in-line with your corporate culture, as well as integrate and orient employees into their new work environment as the first step towards retention. 

Talent Management


Using a thoughtful talent management model, we help you ensure your workforce has the right mindset, capabilities and behavioral skillset to drive business performance and create value. We help you set in place a program to grow your critical talent, guarantee their positioning in the organization, and link them to your business goals.

Our advisory program covers a comprehensive mechanism to build behavioral and technical competencies frameworks, insightful capability assessment processes, and an integrated approach to succession planning. Governed by an objective KPI-based performance management system, our framework provides clear visibility into how each talent contributes to the success of the organization.

Our reporting structure will help you measure performance and link with your set rewards and benefits plan.

Reward Management


We build thoughtful employee engagement programs to attract a diverse workforce and instill company culture, values and purpose. To achieve the right outcomes, we help you establish competitive reward strategies and support individual career development.

Our purpose-driven program strengthens your employee value proposition and inspires higher levels of motivation, productivity, and workplace satisfaction. We take into account your organization’s objectives to define competitive and equitable salary scales and benefits plans, recommend your organizational optimized structure, analyze and evaluate the designated jobs, as well as equip you with other tools, methodologies, policies and guidelines to help you grow productive and thriving employees.

Learning & Leadership Development


With our learning & leadership development program, we help you create world-class opportunities to enable substantial professional and personal growth strategies coupled with on-the-job experiences. Our tailored and unique program targets each job function and employee to ensure a proper personal development plan that maximizes potential and expands the skillsets.

Throughout this process, we help you set the strategy, analyze the training needs, as well as plan, manage, and deliver trainings.

HR Planning & Analytics


We help you setup your HR planning to fulfill your organizational vision and achieve your business goals using a reliable and dynamic framework of methodologies and best practices. We encourage organizations to rethink, plan, execute, and track HR initiatives and activities.

Using a data-driven proactive approach, together with intelligent human capital analytics and systematic audit practices, we advise you on areas for improvement and walk you through the process to reach well informed decision making.

Human Capital Management Information Systems


As a recognized partner in Oracle e-Business Suite on-premise (IaaS/PaaS) implementation, we help you get on board with digital technologies to streamline HR processes and gain visibility on reliable employee master data. Using technology, you will be able to transition from transactional HR practices to a strategic and agile methodology.

From setting your strategy to defining your workflows and configuring the application, we help you automate and manage human resources processes so you focus instead on business outcomes and sustained value. Read more about our Oracle Partnership

Success Story

People Strategy & Organization Development Transforms Human Capital Management (HCM) with Oracle e-Business Suite

We desperately needed instant access to meaningful, real-time metrics and analytics on our people. At the same time, we needed to create employee satisfaction, and support their overall productivity and efficiency levels.
Neemat Frem, INDEVCO Group CEO

INDEVCO was experiencing a range of limitations trying to manage its HR capital spread across numerous companies and geographical locations using multiple disconnected systems.

After going live with Oracle e-Business Suite, INDEVCO quickly saw significant improvements with a cohesive suite of HCM functionality, business intelligence, and a central self-service portal for all employees. The solution equipped INDEVCO executive teams from across countries with streamlined HCM processes, improved information delivery and availability, data accuracy, and enhanced services for employees across the organization. The automated system enabled the HR community to reduce manual interventions and heavy administrative paperwork. Employees can now view their own information and payroll details and perform any transaction needed in a secure automated workflow without the need to discontinue their daily work. Today, information is widely available in one single-source location, and reports are finally meeting the increasing demands for complex analysis.
Read the full case study >

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