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Why is project management so important today to every organization?

Just like any other industry, project management has evolved over time from a practice that ensures managing simple projects and small teams to becoming a necessity solution that ensures risks are properly managed and mitigated before they become issues, which is critical today for projects success.


With nearly all job functions, in a way or another, affected by the challenges of the pandemic, project management has proven to be the solution for remote working geographically spread teams to foster digital communications and support the new work-from-home emerging policies.

The expansion of automation also made it possible for organizations today to benefit beyond automating simple tasks but by performing complex tasks ranging from scheduling to data visualization and accordingly capturing all the big data along the way to track performance and generate insightful business intelligence.


As organizations continue to seek new ways to address modern challenges, they begin to co-relate individual projects and to link them to overarching strategic corporate goals, which can help them look at the big picture and make more informed decisions.


Organizations that integrate project management into their daily practices are able today to adapt to the changing needs of the industry, as it considerably becomes an aspect of most modern businesses.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy Project Management Consulting

With a breadth of knowledge and experience that spans across a variety of project types and sizes, we use a proactive approach based on leading practices and a systematic framework to help you setup your organization’s project management office and guide you in running the full project management cycle from planning all the way through project closure with high visibility over the status, the progress as well as the project’s resources.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy Project Management Consulting

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

Whether you are looking for strategic project management consulting, Project Management Office (PMO) development or even seeking to build your team’s knowledge to efficiently and successfully run projects, we offer the full spectrum of project management services that delivers successful projects. We leverage our technical expertise and extensive project management knowledge to help organizations set their strategic outline, and define the right projects in response to their purpose and vision.


From setting up the right processes and methodologies, to helping you efficiently manage projects and tie them to your strategic goals, our certified experts will advise on the optimal next steps to improve your project success rates and help you meet your overarching strategic goals.


Strategic Project Management


We use standard and strategic methodologies to analyze your needs and recommend the best next steps to facilitate project development and management. From assessments and audits, to business process management, we help you set in place a winning methodology and guide you through the implementation cycle that you can use to develop and manage world-class projects.

PMO Development & Implementation


We study your organization needs, structure and strategic goals, and work closely with you to design and set in place a fit Project Management Office (PMO) or to restructure a current one. Our certified consultants will help setup all the processes, templates, tools, and governance methodologies needed to support the function of the PMO and to effectively ensure its liaison with other business functions and stakeholders.

Planning & Development Advisory


Using standardized Project Management (PM) processes, we work closely with your project managers and help them effectively and practically manage successful projects that deliver operational excellence. We dig deep with you on all phases of the project and work to setup the most optimal communication channels between all project stakeholders. We use an efficient monitoring & tracking system with focused control over projects within the organization to enhance transparency and projects quality.

PM Software Selection and Implementation


To automate your processes and ensure full visibility over project status and other information, we study and understand your goals and requirements and provide the suitable tool to fit your needs. From requirement setting to configuration and customization, we help you ensure a smooth rollout with maximum adoption and integration with other technologies.

Business Intelligence


While setting in place the most optimal business processes that enhance projects success rate, we help you embed data analytics and uncover new insights in a way that turns everyday information into actionable plans. We can create business intelligence dashboards and perform complex data integration to enhance decision-making and better manage everyday risks.



Our certified experts will coach and guide project managers and other project stakeholders by offering them project management trainings and workshops tailored to their needs and knowledge. These workshops are designed to give participants a closer look at project management and to help them build their capabilities and leadership skills in regards to successfully managing projects.

Success Story

IFP/NFP: Project Management Consultancy Transforms the Flexible Packaging Divisions at INDEVCO Group and Napco National with Successful Project Management Methodology

The provided services have definitely set proper standards by which our projects are managed, thus allowing a much better follow-up and decision making. NFP-MIS department was able to increase accuracy, visibility, and
consistency in all projects, while continuously refining them. PMO services never failed to assist promptly, whether through online support, sharing documents and best practices, or training and educating users.
Fadi Radi, MIS Project Manager

The challenge was related to lack of tracking and visibility for new products development projects managed by central marketing department in NFP. In addition no history was kept for canceled / on hold or closed projects.

A new template was designed and created on EPM, allowing product managers to follow the appropriate process and gates, and to properly manage and monitor the execution of these important projects from initiation to closure.
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