Quality Management & Business Excellence

Quality Management & Business Excellence

Contributing to your success

A vital success factor for small, medium, and large businesses

In these challenging times, quality management and optimized business processes play a major role in the efficiency of business operations and are considered as the way-to-go to get things done correctly and in a way that integrates efficiency and quality.


By adapting and implementing a well-defined strategy, an effective quality management system maintains and improves your business to achieve higher quality, reduce cost, and consequently improve customer satisfaction.

Aiming to embed awareness of quality in all organizations doesn’t affect one area in the business, instead, companies should look at every step, process, and procedure to increase and optimize its efficiency levels and help employees smoothly run their daily activities.


While setting the system is a great leap towards excellence, however, continuous and regular internal audit and system monitoring allows organizations to set the path towards business optimization, higher quality, and corporate policy compliance and subsequently improve products and services, minimizing risks and increasing your stakeholder satisfaction.

Why INDEVCO Quality Management & Business Excellence?

We use international standards to identify and implement tailored sustainable business practices and Quality Management Systems (QMS) from setting the grounds all the way through conception and thorough implementation, to help you achieve organizational excellence that will contribute to your long-term success.

Why INDEVCO Quality Management & Business Excellence?

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

We strive to design, implement, and deliver quality advisory and management services and arm you with the proper tools to improve your processes and management structure, increase your customer satisfaction, and add value to your business.


We guide you in establishing and managing sound Quality Management Systems (QMS) based on standard requirements while assessing and re-engineering your processes to improve and optimize your current practice, ensure system effectiveness and help you successfully earn your certification.


We also manage your operational QMS activities from document change, risk management, knowledge transfer, management of non-conformities, as well as perform an internal audit to report observations and areas for improvement based on best practices.


QMS Certification


We help you upgrade your business to meet international standard requirements by assessing and monitoring your management systems and improve your performance.

We assist in defining roles and responsibilities across the organization, as well as streamlining quality policies with objectives, processes, procedures and guidelines through proper documentation while managing associated risks. To guarantee compliance and continuous improvement, we plan and execute internal audits, conduct management reviews, and assess system adequacy and effectiveness to finally walk you through the certification process.

QMS Maintenance


We review, enhance, and maintain your QMS covering all aspects of the organization to ensure it offers the correct level of support in the most efficient manner. We plan and execute internal audit to check system implementation and ensure regulatory requirements are met, as well as prepare documentation and statistics for your regular management reviews to assess system adequacy and effectiveness.

We conduct quality circles to identify weaknesses and discuss observations to improve current practices, and finally assist and guide you to earn the certification.

Process Monitoring & Improvement


We plan and execute system audit to spot and report weaknesses and areas for enhancement, as well as establish quality objectives and KPIs that will guide furthermore the monitoring and re-engineering of your processes to guarantee continuous improvement.

Integrated Management System


We ensure a seamless integration of several different standards into a common system while meeting the requirements of each of the standards along with their documentation, as well as redesign the process to improve performance, increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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