Risk Assessment & Internal Audit Advisory

Risk Assessment & Internal Audit Advisory

Promoting compliance; delivering results

An evolving role that drives organizational success

Today’s businesses are continuously adapting to change and evolving to meet new business models, regulatory requirements, as well as technology disruption. In parallel, internal audit services are also evolving to help executives understand and respond to the ever-increasing business risks and their impacts.


From keeping up with data privacy and emerging regulations requirements, all the way through integrated risk management evaluation, fraud detection, and security assessment, internal audit, nowadays, play the role of a catalyst for improvement.

For the board to steer the organization effectively, board members must receive timely accurate information about the organization’s many strategic, operational, financial, and compliance risks, as well as assurance that the risks are being well managed.

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Why INDEVCO Consultancy Risk Assessment & Internal Audit Advisory

With exemplary and disciplined services that gained the trust of multinationals and business organizations, we
provide risk assessment and internal audit advisory to help organizations meet their objectives. Our expert opinion helps companies to assess risks and provides an insightful overview of the effectiveness of internal controls.


We safeguard your business from potential internal and external fraud by instilling deterring factors and channeling solutions for control enhancement, in order to improve performance and ensure compliance with regulations, policies and procedures.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy Risk Assessment & Internal Audit Advisory

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

With deep industry know-how and a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals, we play an essential role within organizations to identify cost efficiencies and classify the risks that majorly impact their success.


Using our disciplined approach, we offer internal audit and risk assessment services that emphasize a holistic perspective designed to add value and help businesses achieve their objectives. Whether
looking to improve internal audit functions or the organization’s overall performance, our services
cover financial and operational audits, compliance with policies, procedures & regulations, risk
assessment, due diligence and fraud investigation. Our advisory services include financial analysis,
operational support, assessment of your operating software and your accounting & finance function.

Internal Audit – Assurance


While maintaining an independent and objective judgement, we run an enterprise-wide risk assessment and develop an internal audit plan where we recommend enhancements that will impact the eectiveness and eiciencies of the business operation. We analyze the quality and functioning of internal control systems, the business financials to highlight any possible material misstatements, as well as the compliance with the set policies and procedures, fiscal, and regulatory country requirements.

Fraud Activity Investigation


We investigate and examine evidence to determine if a fraud occurred, how it happened, who was involved, and the level of embezzlement. By setting policies and procedures, we highlight gridlines and validation points, that help businesses deter corruption, identify breaches, and avoid fraud.

Risk Assessment


We help businesses identify and prioritize existing and potential risks, as well as assess the vulnerability of assets to threats, and determine ways to reduce and mitigate these risks.

Consulting & Advisory


We provide series of consulting engagements focused on financial analysis, operational review of workflows, processes and procedures, creation of internal line of authority guidelines & chains of approval. We evaluate and assess your operating soware in use and recommend improvements.

Special Engagements


We assess your current Accounting and Finance function, assist you in technically evaluating candidates for available vacancies and help you set an agile modern function able to deliver timely the requirements of the management. Under certain circumstances, we oer to assist and support your teams in the fulfillment of their daily activities.

Due Diligence & Valuation


We conduct a comprehensive appraisal of the target company to validate the integrity of the presented financials, establish the business assets and liabilities, identify revenues, profit, and margin trends and evaluate its commercial potential before entering into an acquisition. We help you understand company-specific risks, inherent with investing, and accordingly propose the most suitable valuation method.

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