Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Optimization

Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Optimization

Building resilient sourcing & supply chains

How organizations build resilient sourcing and supply chains

Today’s volatile business landscape is led by major changes in pricing, regulations and disruption that occurs at any time. When disruption occurs, it affects business continuity and the ability for organizations to continue to create value and efficiently operate while constantly managing emerging threats.


From trade wars, through natural disasters, organizations must break down traditional supply chain models and replace reactive response with proactive resilience plans to ensure competitive advantage and business continuity.

Applying risk management principles is a key element to achieve business resilience and lessen the company’s vulnerabilities to emerging threats. This requires full visibility over all aspects of the supply chain from manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, customers, logistics organizations and all of the ecosystem.


This holistic approach enables proper mapping and monitoring of data that in turn highlights major gaps like single-source dependencies and others.

Why INDEVCO Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Optimization?

We leverage our years of experience and global supply network to offer tailor-made and market specific strategic sourcing and supply chain solutions that powers enterprise value. Using our intelligent and agile practices, and our market outlook, price and supplier benchmarking, and sourcing and supply chain operation advisory and management expertise, to help you streamline your operation, reduce procurement and supply costs and increase revenue.

Why INDEVCO Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Optimization?

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

We work closely with businesses to achieve sourcing and supply chain excellence, maintain their competitive edge, and increase go-to-market performance. Our experts start by assessing your sourcing and supply chain maturity model, and create accordingly an agile and resilient strategy that drives high performance and value, transforms your operation and supports your trading needs considering when and how your requirements should be taken to market.


Whether through advisory or full execution of your global sourcing and supply chain needs, our tailor-made services will help you acquire raw materials and increase stakeholder profitability, as well as optimize value and costs by selecting the right raw material through proper handling of the flow of goods from storage, warehousing, transportation modes, to tracking and delivery.

Market Outlook & Corporate Radar


Implementing a successful global sourcing and supply chain strategy starts with market conditions analysis and setting the radar on proper forecasting of prices and trends. We help you generate market intelligence reports, assess supplier capabilities, and create value reports comparing the purchased price to competition and to industrial indices in order to highlight savings and opportunities.

Global Sourcing


As your global sourcing partner, we handle your procurement operation from end to end, including trends analysis, demand planning, order management all the way through qualifying new material suppliers and grades, suggesting stock level based on market situation, identifying ways to build value creation, as well as identifying new and innovative material that could support product evolution.

Supplier Management


Using our world-class framework and extensive know-how, we help you create your supplier strategy based on global sourcing and supply chain best practices. To shape successful supplier relationships, we help you build and maintain professional supplier management methodologies that provide you with professional analysis, supplier evaluation and categorization, as well as help you set in place negotiation and campaign pricing processes, as well as well-defined raw material purchase agreements.

Logistics & Customer Service


With strong logistics capabilities and global network of renowned shipping lines and forwarding companies, we help you conduct necessary audits, compare freight prices among service providers as well as negotiate with insurance providers to secure a proper coverage. By supporting your international trading activities, we also help you manage and control freight forwarding supported by practical supply chain management systems.

We use our modern approach and years of experience to design your customized service level agreements and handle quality claims with strategic suppliers.

Inventory Optimization & Management


We help you improve your capabilities in inventory management and help you create responsive and adaptable supply chain mechanisms. We work closely with you to define your minimum and safety stock levels and suggest the most optimal levels based on market situation.

Management & Financials


Using our strength in financials and risk management, we recommend the most optimal and adequate financial module that projects performance, project savings, and rebates. We also help in auditing your rebates and saving reports matching with your business financials.


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