Sustainability Strategy & Governance

Sustainability Strategy & Governance

Shaping a sustainable approach to create long term-value

Sustainability: From Trend to Norm

With sustainability shifting from being a trend to becoming a norm, words like “green”, “sustainable”, “recyclable”, and others that have created over the last few years, transformed into major topics of discussions in international events and forums.


Today, sustainability is defined as a concept that is firmly rooted in the minds of both individuals and companies, and expected to majorly change set standards and redefine the way we do business. The 17 measurable and interconnected objectives as defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals address global challenges we all face from health and education to energy, economic growth, sustainable consumption and production, as well as climate change among many others.


With growing awareness for the need of sustainability, how should companies embrace these challenges and adopt sustainability?

The companies that will be best positioned to respond to inevitable business and social challenges will be those that have recognized sustainability as a strategic driver for creating purposeful business value and embedded it as a critical component of business strategy.


To meet changing demand, companies are integrating social and environmental sustainability principles in their core values and developing forward-thinking policies to efficiently create value and navigate through their sustainability journey. Looking beyond their own operations, companies are taking responsibility of the widespread sustainable requirements of the entire value chain, enabling them to have direct impact on the environment while increasing market share.


Businesses of all industries should adopt a proactive approach to sustainability. Not doing so could cost them their competitive advantage leading to bigger losses in the long run.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy Sustainability Strategy & Governance

We, at INDEVCO Consultancy, work with companies from across industries to help them embed sustainability as a strategic priority in their core business, develop its governance structure, as well as define their sustainability objectives enabling them to create and implement their strategies, and report on their impacts in alignment with GRI standards.


Our award-winning framework, clearly identifies the pathway for businesses to adopt sustainable and socially responsible practices, integrate them in their operations and culture, as well as make sustainability a source of increasing purposeful value.

Why INDEVCO Consultancy Sustainability Strategy & Governance

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

As consumers are concerned with ways to sustain resources and secure the wellbeing of mankind and species today and tomorrow, sustainability initiatives are becoming a crucial part of companies’ core strategies addressing social and environmental matters with aggressive goals and innovation plans set high on the business agenda.


INDEVCO Consultancy works with clients to develop a deeper understanding of sustainability developments and trends, and their impacts on long-term business value, embed sustainability objectives in their core strategies, culture and day-to-day operations and supply chains, as well as report on their progress and implementation.


We help customers set sustainability governance structures to effectively manage sustainability across the organization and cascade its objectives.


Our extensive sustainability expertise, coupled with our scientific framework and principle-based approach, helps create value and drive organization transformation by implementing strong sustainability strategies.


As we constantly adapt to rapid change, our close relationships with international coalitions ensure our framework follows high standards when designing impactful strategies and product innovations that respond to people’s daily needs.

Sustainability Governance


Before embarking on your sustainability journey, we help you set up the best fit sustainability governance structure to enable value creation, management, and accomplishment of economic, environmental, and social objectives.

Materiality Assessment


Sustainability covers a wide array of economic, environmental and social topics. As such, we support your efforts by analyzing your most significant issues and impacts. We help you engage your key stakeholders to highlight the highest priorities for your business and set the plan forward towards a well-informed strategy, reporting and communication.

Sustainability Strategy & Management


We use a tailored and structured approach to help leaders identify their objectives and accordingly develop a high impact sustainability strategy that aligns with corporate goals, engages corporate governance bodies and key stakeholders, as well as defines appropriate KPIs and sustainability goals as mapped universally with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other international principles.

Following the set strategy, we work with you to design and achieve a sustainability actionable roadmap to manage and implement your sustainability initiatives and milestones, as well as track your targets. We help you implement sustainability throughout your value chain, from sustainably sourcing raw materials, minimizing your environmental impact, saving energy, all the way through reducing waste across your production cycle and efficiently reusing materials. We also help you setup your social activities from local community engagement and support to occupational health and safety practices.

Reporting & Communications


We help you define your communications strategy by setting its comprehensive framework that includes all your key messaging, target audiences and stakeholders, as well as your communication channels to effectively and systematically communicate your sustainability commitment, strategy, and achievements.

We also help you develop your sustainability reporting according to GRI standards to better think strategically and disclose your performance while managing the impact, building credibility and maximizing the value of the reporting output.

Workshop, Training & Coaching


To enable businesses to better respond to growing sustainability challenges, we design targeted guidance programs, trainings, and workshops aiming at building human capital skillsets, embedding tools and adaptive processes, as well as creating awareness on sustainability trends and engaging employees and other stakeholders.

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  • Gacia Apikian Bazhouny – The Purpose-Driven Advocate
    Gacia Apikian Bazhouny – The Purpose-Driven Advocate
    Sustainability Strategy & Governance

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